Nexus Book/DVD/Mobile Phone Reuse Scheme

Do you have any books, mobile phones, CDs, DVDs or computer games that you no longer need and that you would be happy to donate to Nexus? If so, bring them into our Belfast office (119 University Street, BT7 1HP). Nexus is launching a new scheme where we will recycle people’s unwanted books/DVDs/Mobile Phones/Computer Games and give others the opportunity to purchase them. All the money will be used for Nexus and counselling the victims and survivors of sexual abuse and rape. Currently we are looking for:

1.Books in the following categories:

  • Food/cookery books,
  • Arts and crafts books,
  • Textbooks,
  • History books,
  • Travel guides.

Please note that the books must have a barcode, otherwise we won’t be able to accept them!

2.DVDs/CDs/Computer games with a barcode.

3. Old mobile phones

Every little helps …


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